Sunday, June 9, 2013


Sorry I have been MIA the past few days. These four have been occupying a lot of my time as we soak in every minute of summer fun that we can.

In the meantime, I've been working hard and squeezing in all of my workouts while the little guys sleep in a bit. I've been playing with eating a few more calories than I usually do, and I am seeing some gains in my weight lifting as a result. 

I think you have to be careful when you become deeply committed to a fitness/nutrition routine. As a Type A personality, I crave control. I think that's why I like working out so much. I have the ability to take that time for myself each day. I plan it, I commit to it, and I make it happen - see the controlling pattern??? And I can control the food I put in my mouth. That's part of what makes it difficult for me to tell myself, "Hey, it's time to put MORE food in there." Because for so long it was about eating less. 

But my fitness goals are changing. And I have to remember that the ultimate goal is to be as healthy as I can be. Not to be a certain size or a certain number on the scale. But to be truly healthy. And set a good example for my kids.

My idea of nutrition is and always has been about moderation. I want to be able to go out and eat ice cream with my kids. I want to be able to have that occasional cinnamon roll for breakfast. And I want to eat a smore by the campfire. So that's what I do. I try to make healthy choices most of the time. And when I make a choice that's not as healthy I don't feel guilty about it. Period.

Because the road to good health is a journey. Tomorrow is a new day. And I will pick right back up and start again every morning.

Have a great start to your week!


Anonymous said...

Way to go! It is hard sometimes to experiment with your fitness and eating. Keep up the good work and have a wonderful summer.

Jen Corvin said...

Thank you! It's definitely a challenge for me, but I'm committed to keeping the focus on good health. :) Have a great summer as well!