Saturday, July 13, 2013

So I Actually Did P90X!!!!! (Guest post)

If you were checking up on Jennifer’s blog and you were confused by the title, have no fear-this is a guest blog entry!

My name is Karen Bridgman and I am a friend of Jennifer and as luck would have it, neighbors too.  About four months ago I had a little chat with Jennifer at Publix that changed my life and my husband’s life too!  Yes, life-altering conversations at a grocery store.  I will start by saying that I had considered myself to be in pretty decent shape.  I faithfully walked on the treadmill for at least 30 minutes each day, but I had noticed that I seemed to be putting on a few extra pounds that I wasn’t able to shed. My husband had a desire to lose some weight too but no desire to get on the treadmill.  So, we began to have some talks about what we could do.  I am 37 and he is 39 so we figured if were going to get in shape it better be NOW.  We talked about doing something like P90X but we figured we couldn’t really do it.  You’ve seen those infomercials before.  Those people are ripped.

So, one day on Facebook I noticed Jeff Corvin had posted something about Jennifer’s blog and I thought I would check it out.  I had no idea I lived across the street from a fitness guru.  So literally, the next day I saw Jennifer at Publix and we talked about P90X and I made up my mind to do it.  I called my husband and he said sure so I bought it that afternoon and we started the very next day.  I allowed us NO time to change our minds.

Happy and sweaty after my workout
At first, when we started, I’m pretty sure we thought we might die but it got better and a bit easier.  The program consists of three days of cardio or yoga and three days of weights.  Turns out we probably like the weights the best.  The program is great because each person in the video is doing some variation of each move.  If you need to modify, there is someone you can watch.  If you are a fitness machine, there is someone to watch.  If you don’t want to use weights, you can use bands.  I feel like this is a great program to kick off a new fitness routine.  Plus, Tony Horton is hilarious!  But really the best part is the results…I lost 10 pounds and 8 inches overall and my husband lost 20 pounds and 12 inches overall.   WOW!!! Even better, we have made a commitment to working out.  

A few months ago I never thought any of this was possible.  I doubted my own ability to do a challenging workout.  I figured I would never lose those extra pounds.  Now I feel like I can do anything!  In fact, we started Insanity the week after we finished P90X.  Insane right???  My whole mindset has changed about working out.  I want to stay in shape. I want to be more fit.  I want to be healthier- FOREVER!

And yes, all this happened following one conversation at the grocery store.  Funny how life works…


Anonymous said...

Awesome!!! Focus T25 has got me thinking about doing P90X next summer when I don't have to be at work as early as during the school year. I love feeling stronger! It's hard every day, but I always feel great afterwards. Congrats Karen and Hubby!

Amanda Gibson said...

I'm starting my 7th week of P90X and loving it!! It is an amazing program. Love Tony Horton! :)

Jen Corvin said...

Way to go, Amanda! It is a great program!!! I'd love to hear about your results when you're done. :)

Anonymous said...

That is amazing. What an awesome testament to their product and to your hard work.