Friday, May 31, 2013

Favorite Things Friday!

Happy Friday!!! The weekend is here! I kicked off my Friday with Insanity the Asylum Strength workout. I was a sweaty, happy mess by the time I finished! It got my day off on the right foot. I did some cleaning, took the kids to the pool, and came home for some more cleaning. I love having the kids at home for the summer, but I haven't gotten into a good rhythm with my housework yet. We'll figure it out!

I haven't done a Favorite Things Friday post in awhile. Frankly, I had been thinking long and hard about my favorite things to come up with a list that wasn't all food! So this time the split is 50/50. 

Have you tried this cheese? I don't know what it is about that "touch of Philadelphia," but it really does make the cheese a little creamier! I love it!!!

Next on my list: Foldit Flatout Bread with rosemary and olive oil! I picked up this package on a whim at Publix a few weeks ago when it was on sale. The hint of rosemary just adds something special!

I have had several sandwiches this week on the flatout bread with turkey, bell peppers, spinach, mustard and a few hot banana peppers. SO good!!!

Next is my entryway from the garage. My friend Sarah helped me come up with this layout, and I love it!!! This is where the kids hang all their backpacks, jackets and lunchboxes when they come in from school. We also hang our swim towels here to dry during the summer. Each child has a bulletin board as well so I can keep up with all their birthday invitations, school supply lists, etc. I got the boards and hooks from Pottery Barn, and I have been so impressed with how well they've held up! Nearly 3 years and still going strong, and we put a lot of weight on them!!!

Finally, I have my "Wall of Carol." I named it after my friend and favorite photographer who takes all our family photos. She inspired this wall with her portraits and a little help from Pinterest. If you're local and you need a good photographer, you should definitely check out Full Life Photography! Carol is not only gifted, she is just a precious person! And patient. Very patient. She has photographed my FOUR children. She's the epitome of patience.

View going up the stairs.
Close-up of the "Wall of Carol."
Have a fabulous weekend!!!!

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Caroljean at Watersong Journey said...

Great job with that wall display, Jennifer! So sweet! :)