Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Family Activity!

Y'all will never guess what I did today. That's right, more spring cleaning. I know, I know...I live an exciting life! Today it was time to start tackling my closet.

I decided it was time to get honest with myself about some of the clothes I was keeping. I had a whole variety of things in 4 different sizes that reflected the ups and downs of getting pregnant and giving birth 4 times. To be honest, it's been hard for me to let some of those bigger sizes go! What if I gain the weight back and need those clothes again?!? Ultimately I decided that holding onto those clothes represented some insecurities on my own part. So I here's my pile!

That's really not even everything I should be parting with. But it's a start.

In between spring cleanings, I paused to read this post on Audra's blog. She ran her first 5K this weekend (go, Audra!!!) and mentioned how important it was to her for her kids to see her finish this race. There have been many blessings that have resulted from my commitment to taking care of myself and my health, but one that I am most proud of is that my kids get to see me making good choices on a daily basis.

Being active together as a family has become one of our favorite family times. We play Just Dance on the Wii. We take walks. We play soccer. Daughter number 2 and I go on runs. Jeff even set up "stations" in our workout room for the kids and him to do together at night (best. dad. evah!!!). Oh, and we dance.

Who says white girls can't jump?

We call this one the dying cockroach.

Her patented move: the hip shake.

The boy thinks the hip shake is pretty clever, too.

This is my favorite part! He runs to the hardwood floor to get in some good spins. I think the vacuum in the background says I must be a wonderful housekeeper. Or that baby girl spilled something there 2 days ago and I still haven't moved the vacuum. Let's go with wonderful housekeeper.

Ummm...and apparently white boys can jump, too! Jeff wants you all to know this is hereditary.

Besides making it a point to be active as a family, we also talk about making good food choices all the time. I am not saying that my kids eat a perfect diet. Far from it. But they are aware of portions, for example. We look at the nutrition information on boxes so we know what a serving should be.

We also are mindful as a family of the amount of sugar we eat. For example, if one child has been to a birthday party, he or she will usually remind me that they shouldn't eat another treat after dinner. They know it's too much. And I love that.

I want my kids to grow up with a healthy perspective on their bodies and food. I hope that's what we're giving them. It's all about taking good care of ourselves.

Question of the Day:

What does your family do to stay active?


Audra Kelly said...

Thanks for the love, girl! :) It is so important to me that I am a healthy role model for the kiddos!
I am also hanging on to older, bigger clothes! I never thought of them as insecurities...I may need to do some cleaning of my own.
The McLeods love to dance, too! We may have to have a Corvin/McLeod dance off. :)

Caroljean at Watersong Journey said...

A dance off sounds good! I want to see that on the blog next! ha!

Jen Corvin said...

A Corvin/McLeod dance off sounds perfect!!! I think my A and your M might give each other a run for their money. They both have a little sass. :) AND it would be great blog content!!!