Monday, April 29, 2013

First Playdate and the Loss of My Nutella Virginity

We had so much fun today! I kicked it off with P90X Chest and Back. I have to admit this is my least favorite many pull-ups and push-ups! But I owned it today and increased my numbers with several of the exercises!

Next, I got the big girls off to school. Daughter #2 is doing some testing this week, and I volunteered to send a snack. I found these on Pinterest and put them together last night. How cute are they?!?

After I got the girls out the door, I grabbed a shower and some breakfast before taking the boy to preschool. Baby girl was super excited because after the preschool drop-off, she got to have her first ever playdate!

I know, I know. She should have had a few playdates by now, but here's the thing: she's the youngest of four. Things are crazy. AND all my friends stopped having babies before I did. Well, except Whitney, but she went and had a boy so that doesn't help me much.

So we were very excited when we recently got to know some of our neighbors who have a 3-year-old girl too! If you follow me on Facebook, you might remember my post last week about my friend, Karen. She and her husband recently started doing P90X, and she let me know that her husband's cholesterol has dropped 50 points since they started!!!

Anyway, Karen and her sweet daughter came over today so the girls could play. Here are the princesses.

Please note: these two girls were born about a month apart. Look how much hair Karen's daughter has compared to baby girl!!! 

Karen also brought a gift.

That's right, folks. I was a Nutella virgin. So I popped open this jar shortly after Karen left. I had been told it was good with graham crackers.

Let me tell you, it did not disappoint! So. Good. Baby girl loved it too.

See the way she's attacking that Nutella-covered graham cracker? As though I haven't fed her in days? That's right...she's definitely my kid.

Thank you, Karen for a fun playdate! And for giving me a new addiction to feed. For those of you that play the stock market, now might be a good time to invest in Nutella.

Question of the Day:

What's your favorite way to eat Nutella?


Anonymous said...

I love Nutella on a toasted multi-grain waffle with sliced strawberries or bananas. I also like to add just a dab to my protein shake.

Ashley said...

I like Nutella in pita bread! Miss you friend- love your blog.

Jen Corvin said...

Renee - I was thinking of adding a little Nutella to my protein shakes, too. And the waffle sounds AMAZING!

Ash - That sound fantastic! Miss you too! Thanks for reading. :)

Audra Kelly said...

we love nutella on toast!

Sylvia @ Frolic Through Life said...

Nutella is dangerous! I love it on toast and waffles or sometimes on a spoon right out of the jar.

Jen Corvin said...

You're not kidding, Sylvia! The jar is already half gone!!!

Stephanie said...

Yum Nutella! I got addicted to that stuff in Italy! Maybe it's time to resurrect the addition..:)

JoshuaBontrager said...

I was introduced to nutella when josh and i studied abroad in greeceduring coklege. We would eat it on graham cracker-like crackers during tea time. Its so wonderful!

Debbie said...

I am 58 yrs old and have never tasted Nutella! The time has come! It is officially on my bucket list :)

Alibop said...

I love it on bananas and apples and all by itself!

Allison Sherman