Sunday, April 14, 2013

That Moment You Realize You Just Spent 2 Hours Watching the Worst.Movie.Ever!

This weekend Jeff and I watched the worst movie ever. But to fully understand how this came to be, we first need to go back a week.

For years, Jeff and I have kept a bright red velcro wallet with funds desginated for "entertainment." All of our eating out, movies, and other entertainment purchases must come from this wallet. It's how we make sure we stick to our budget.

You may remember that last weekend I went on a ladies' retreat with my church. While I was gone, I left the red wallet with Jeff so he and the kids could pick up some pizza for dinner. Now I'm not pointing any fingers here, but some time while I was gone, the red wallet disappeared and has yet to be recovered. No wallet = no eating out.

Which leads us to this week. When someone in the house lost the remote to our satellite-dish-operated television. Now I realize you can manually change the channel using the receiver. But, like any good parents, we have password protected every show on television that is rated higher than G. And without the remote, we can't put in our password. Which means the only things we can watch right now are the news and Sesame Street.

So, as last night was date night, we dropped off the kids with their sitters and came back home. Remember, we have no money for eating out. Our romantic meal included a can of chicken noodle soup for Jeff and a pita pizza pocket for me. We also did some yard work, because we like to live our relationship on the edge. Then we finally settled in to watch some television.

Except, wait. Oh yeah, we can't watch a dadgum thing on television right now. The remote is lost. So we decided to watch a Netflix movie instead. Jeff picked this. Emphasis on the Jeff.

And this is how we came to watch the worst movie in the history of movies. Maybe I'm just not philosophical enough to appreciate what this movie was offering, but aside from Liam Neeson who I generally find to be a brilliant actor, this movie was horrible! Literally, Jeff and I looked at each other the moment it ended and simultaneously said, "What the heck was that?!?!?!"

The premise is that this group of men who work in the arctic somewhere are involved in a plane crash. Most people die in the crash, but 7 survive. And then the surviving 7 are stalked and hunted by a pack of wolves. Awesome, right? I kept hoping Liam was going to go all Taken on those wolves, but he never did.

Two hours, people. Two hours I could have been doing something better with my life. Right down the toilet.

The weekend wasn't all bad though. I managed to get my workout on Saturday morning: P90X Core Synergistics! That wrapped up my recovery week, so it's back to the heavy lifting tomorrow. We also had exciting times on the soccer and baseball fields!

In unrelated news, I am awesome at applying sunscreen to myself.

And Jeff is awesome at applying it to the boy.

Someone needs to start a sunscreen application business. I think that is our least favorite summer chore. And clearly we aren't very good at it either.

Question of the Day:

What's the worst movie you've ever watched?


Joe and Jocelyn said...

Anything from Monty Python that isn't The Holy Grail. Everything else is JUST. BAD.

Jen Corvin said...

I had forgotten about those, Jocelyn! BAD!