Monday, March 4, 2013

Date Night

Saturday is always one of those bittersweet kind of days. No school, no homework, but lots and lots of activity. This one was no exception. I started the day off with my workout. It was Insanity the Asylum's Gameday. Things were off to a good start!

I even had my own personal trainer assist me for the last 5 minutes. Here she's demonstrating proper form for a chest press.

After my workout, my oldest had an audition. Then baby girl #2 had a soccer championship game in the afternoon. FINALLY we know who the league champs are! Except...we don't...because it was a tie. Ha!

My soccer champ with her coach!
Saturday night the hubby and I got to go on a date night! When you have 4 children, getting a date night is a little like finding an oasis in the middle of the desert: a relief! We can actually put together more than two sentences of conversation without refilling a cup, breaking up a fight, or wiping a tiny bottom. 

We went out to dinner at Chili's. It is seriously one of my favorite places to go when we eat out. It's low-key. They have a huge variety on their menu. And they'll bring out bottomless chips and salsa that usually keep our children occupied until the real food arrives.

My favorite thing about Chili's though is that they have a great light menu with several dishes all under 675 calories. I've tried several things from this menu now, and they've all been delicious. Saturday's dinner was the Sweet & Spicy Chicken.

Good gracious, it was wonderful!!! I was tempted to lick the plate. The waitress came by just as I was desperately trying to scoop up the last few grains of rice. She knew better than to ask me if she could take my plate yet. SO good!!!

I always check out the nutrition information for a restaurant before we go out to eat. That way I already know what I am getting before we even arrive at the restaurant. I love that we can still go out to eat, and my kids can see me making smart choices.

Do you check out the nutrition information at restaurants before you order?

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Jeff corvin said...

Don't be afraid to heavy up the weight Ellie! This isn't demonstration.