Monday, March 11, 2013

My Home Gym

Good Monday! Hope you're week has started off well! This is recovery week for me, so I started my day with Insanity's Core Cardio and Balance. I love that workout! After I finished my exercise, I needed to refuel, so I had my favorite Shakeology!

So good! This is seriously my favorite meal of the day. And the healthiest.

Have I mentioned lately that my husband is the bomb?! Well, he is. Recently, in fact, he decided to rework our home gym. He even painted the cement wall behind the side where I workout so it would look nice for pictures! Told you he is the bomb!!! And he's pretty cute too.

My friend, Carol, took this photo. She's an amazing photographer and a wonderful person!!!
Enough gawking! Keep your thoughts pure, people! Anyway, so I thought I'd give you a little virtual tour of our gym since I talk about being there all the time. We workout in the unfinished portion of our basement. Fancy, huh? This is "his" side.

And here's "her" side. Notice the pretty white walls. 

This is my husband's weight rack. I got it for him for Christmas because I rock. Oh, and because I was really tired of tripping over his weights.

And this is my weight rack/TV stand. I borrow some of my hubby's weights every now and then too. Because I'm a beast. ;)

These are some rings my husband installed in one of the wood beams in the ceiling. I use them for some of my pull-ups, and he lowers them and uses them for some of his core work.

This might be my favorite part. My husband hung this up for me to store all my bands, agility ladder, jump ropes, etc. He's an organizational wizard, I tell ya!

So that's where we workout! It works great for us. You don't have to have a dedicated space like this to be able to workout at home, but it has been nice for us. We didn't have nearly that many weights when we first started. We have accumulated those slowly over time. Jeff can pretty much count on getting a new set of weights every Christmas. I'm all about a practical gift!

Where do you workout?


AJP said...

in my garage.

uh, Jeff's dumbbells are kinda small. and I don't even see any kettlebells. sup widdat?

aw, I'm kidding. your gym looks perfect.

I wanna see a pic of Jeff at the top of his muscle up on those rings.


Jen Corvin said...

I totally took some pics of Jeff, but he won't let me use them!!! We fake our kettlebells with dumbbells. :) I told you I'm cheap.