Sunday, March 17, 2013

Weekend Recap

It's been a busy weekend! I've got to become one of those people who really embraces all the stuff their kids do for fun. It's just a little overwhelming times 4!

I started off the weekend with P90X's Core Synergistics. I love this workout! It has a lot of different exercises that really work my entire core. Afterwards, we hit the ground running. It was time to divide and conquer. Jeff headed with the boy to baseball, and I grabbed my Shakeology and went to the soccer fields.

I really do love watching this girl play soccer. 

When I said divide and conquer, that meant I got all the girls and Jeff had the boy. We really need to work on our math. We all met back up at home after the games for a quick lunch before heading out to the first Easter egg hunt of the season. 

It really was a beautiful day! I knew there were going to be cupcakes galore and candy at the egg hunt, so I came prepared!

Have you tried these new Fiber One protein bars? I got them on BOGO, and I had a coupon for another dollar off, so they were super cheap. I love a quick snack that packs a protein punch. These remind me of an Almond Joy. Really yummy!

After the egg hunt, we headed back to the baseball fields. Baseball games make me nervous. It's a lot of pressure for a kid. But how cute is this boy?!?

He's the best player on the field as far as I'm concerned!

While I was at the game, I got my 2nd workout of the day. Baby girl had a lot to drink between the egg hunt and the water I packed for her. Our field was approximately 4.5 miles from the restrooms. Okay, so it probably wasn't quite that far, but it was far! This is when I wish baby girl had some boy parts so I could take her over to the edge of the woods and let her take care of business. Instead, I got to run her back and forth. I tried to focus on the amazing calorie burn I was getting.

We stopped for some pizza on the way home. After dinner I got all buck wild and crazy and made my PB&J's for the week on Saturday instead of Sunday! I knew we had baseball Sunday afternoon and wanted to get ahead. Then we Jeff got everyone bathed and put to bed. I fell asleep on the couch about 6 seconds later.

When Sunday morning rolled around, I decided to get in a quick workout. Sunday is normally my rest day, but I'm coming off a recovery week so I wasn't sore and figured my body could handle it. After all, exercise is my drug of choice. I used the bonus workout I got with Asylum 2. It's called Pure Contact, and it's a quick 20-minute video where Shaun T gets you jumping around like crazy! I always get a good sweat in even though it's a short workout.

As I came up the stairs from my workout, the smell of fresh bread greeted me. I had 2 loaves of sourdough rising overnight and put them in the oven right before my workout. That's right, people! I was multitasking while I exercised! I think it goes without saying what I ate for breakfast this morning.

Since it's St. Patrick's day, the kids and I all dressed in green.

Jeff said he isn't Irish and refused to conform. He did find a four-leaf clover sticker on the ground that he applied to his shirt later.

After church, we hit the ballfields again, then came home for a Sunday afternoon nap. I try to get one of those in every Sunday. 

Even though it was crazy busy, it was a fun weekend! I am so thankful for 4 healthy kids who get to participate in all these activities!!!

Did you wear green for St. Patrick's day?

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