Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Jen's Favorite Things

These are hard times in the Corvin household. My overachiever and firstborn has come down with strep throat AND the flu. Yep, hard times. But I'm not going to let that get me down.

When the dog bites.

When the bee stings.

When I'm feeling sad.

Cue Julie Andrews!

Okay, so that was Julie plus the Von Trapp family, but you get the picture. I think we all know what's coming next. That's right...Jen's favorite things! It's exactly like Oprah's favorite things, except I'm not rich, famous or giving any of this stuff away.

First up, the wonder drug, Tamiflu! I think it goes without saying why this is near and dear to my heart.

Next is Greek yogurt. If you haven't tried this stuff yet you've got to get some! It tastes great and has a ton of protein so it will keep you full longer. FAGE is my very favorite brand.

Of course, my list wouldn't be complete without chocolate of some variety. I am absolutely crazy about chocolate-covered cherries. But not just any garden-variety cherry will do. It has to be the Cella's with the clear-liquid centers. So. good.

Second only to chocolate is my other love: peanut butter! I could eat it with just about anything - pretzels, fruit, chocolate, or by itself right off the spoon.

Last but not least is the Weight Watchers ice cream candy bar. This thing tastes just like a snickers ice cream bar. But for 40 fewer calories! Now that I look that up, it's really not all that impressive. Oh well, I got this box on BOGO, and I had a coupon so the box cost me like $1. That alone is enough to get it on my list.

I've just realized everything on my list is food or pharmaceutical related. I'm not sure what that says about me. I do love to eat. And I'm all about modern medicine.

By the way, don't think I let today's difficulties stop me from working out! May I refer you to my #4 on my Top Ten Reasons To Work Out At Home??? I owned P90X Core Synergistics this morning.

What is one of your favorite things?


Audra Kelly said...

So many of my favorites, too! Thankfully not the tamiflu...yet.
And that sweet child will always be one of my favorites for sure. :)

Jen Corvin said...

Awww...thank you! You are definitely at the top of her list too. :)